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Guidelines for reviewing

We want your comments to be heard, so make sure you read and agree with our guidlines on what can and cannot be included in our reviews section.

Your review should be a genuine review of the product or some aspect of it. In other words, just because you haven’t seen exactly the same production of Hamlet that we’re showing, this should not preclude you from writing a review of Hamlet as a play, or from reviewing the performance of a particular actor as Hamlet, even though you’ve seen them in a different play. Reviewers should always make the context in which they are commenting clear to their readers.

Reviews may be moderated before being added to the event page. Malvern Theatres reserves the right to remove or refuse to post any customer review it considers inappropriate to our forum. We will not include:

1) unattributable reviews, so please be sure to include your e-mail address. 2) single-word reviews or reviews we consider to be of excessive length. 3) reviews with content not specific to the event being reviewed. 4) reviews that repeat criminal accusations, are plagiarised or previously published, or which might be considered defamatory, blasphemous, racist or incendiary. 5) reviews which include profane or spiteful remarks or sexually explicit or sexually gratuitous comments. 6) reviews submitted by, or on behalf of, companies or websites, advertisements or promotional material for other films 7) reviews that include artists or website phone numbers, postal addresses or URLs availability. 8) general comments relating to the theatres or its staff.


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