Access at Malvern Theatres

If you would like any further information about the venue’s facilities and features that aren’t mentioned in this guide, please contact the box office on 01684 892277.

Building access

Both the Grange Road and Priory Park entrances of the building are accessible via ramp. A lift operates between the theatre stalls, box office and theatre circle levels. The cinema stalls can be accessed by a ramp to the right of the Grange Road entrance hall. There is no ramp or lift access to the cinema circle. A limited number of wheelchairs are available from the box office to assist patrons to their seats but must be returned prior to the beginning of the performance.

Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets are located near the stalls bar (Lower ground floor), cinema stalls (Ground floor), box office (Ground floor) and the entrance to the Festival circle (First floor).

Wheelchair spaces

All three auditoria include wheelchair spaces and companion seats in prime locations. These seats can be taken out for those who wish to stay in their wheelchair or left in for anyone that requires step-free, easy accessible seating. There are 6 removable seats in the Festival stalls, 2 in the Festival circle, 5 in the Forum stalls and 3 in the cinema stalls.  Patrons transferring into a seat will be asked to leave their wheelchair in the corridor, so as not to block any aisles.

Half-price carer tickets

For patrons who are unable to attend a performance alone, these tickets can be booked in person at the box office, online or over the telephone.

Step-free seating

Festival Theatre stalls – All seating is step-free when accessed through Door 1.

Festival Theatre circle – Row A and the side slips (Row S) are step-free from Doors 4 and 5. All other rows in the circle are on the tier with step access.

Forum Theatre stalls – Rows A – L are on the ground floor of the theatre and step-free. You can reach these seats through Doors 6 and 7.

Forum Theatre tier – Rows M – JJ are all on the tier and not suitable for those unable to use the stairs. The exception is DD row which is on the same level as the entrance at Doors 8 and 9. Please note that none of the seats on the tier can be taken out to accommodate guests in wheelchairs.

Which door to use

Below, you can match up your seat number to the door which allows the easiest entrance and exit. Please be aware, these routes may include steps. Please see the ‘Step-free seating’ section above if this is an issue.

                                                                                                Festival Theatre                                                                                                 

Door 1 – STALLS Rows A – L Seats 13 – 25

Door 2 – STALLS Rows M – X Seats 13 – 25

Door 3 – STALLS Rows A – X Seats 1 – 12

Door 4 – CIRCLE Rows A – S Seats 13 – 25

Door 5 – CIRCLE Rows A – S Seats 1 – 12

Forum Theatre

Door 6 – STALLS & TIER Rows A – R Seats 1 – 15

Door 7 – STALLS & TIER Rows A – R Seats 16 – 30

Door 8 – TIER Rows S – JJ Seats 1 – 15

Door 9 – TIER Rows S – JJ Seats


Both the stalls and circle have one entrance each for all seats

In the event of evacuation

Please be aware that in the event of a building evacuation, the lift will return to the ground floor and remain out of action. Any guests sitting in the upper levels of the theatre who are unable to use the stairs will be directed to Door 4 by our ushers to await assisted evacuation by use of the evacuation chair.

Infra-red hearing system

Our Sennheiser hearing assistance system in place in the Festival theatre and cinema can be accessed with or without a hearing aid. Free receivers and headsets can be collected from the cloakroom from 30 minutes prior to the beginning of a performance or screening time. We are currently fundraising to install similar systems in the Forum theatre, with the aim of completing within the next few months.

Accessible parking

Limited Blue Badge spaces are located in the bays to the right of the Grange Road entrance (free of charge) and in the public car park beside the traffic lights (charges apply). The layby at the front of the building may be used for drop-offs and pick-ups but we kindly ask guests to refrain from parking there for the duration of the show.

Access performances

Some performances throughout the year will be captioned, signed, audio described or relaxed.

Please enquire at the box office for more information.

Access cinema

Where available, we will offer audio described and subtitled cinema, as well as a monthly relaxed screening.

Please click HERE for listings or contact the box office for more information.

Assistance dogs

We welcome all assistance dogs and are more than happy to look after them if you do not wish to take them into the performance.

Virtual Tour

You can take a virtual tour of the venue, including each of the three auditoria, the tour can be found half way down the welcome page at

Please advise the box office of specific access requirements at the time of booking so we can assist and advise accordingly.

We hope you enjoy your visit to Malvern Theatres.